Rosters for Program B on 19 February 2022

If you need to change a roster please email

Equipment Setup - 6.30am Start
Parent HelpMulé family
Parent HelpRoger McNamara
Parent HelpGraham Fraser
Parent HelpAstrid Stewart
Timing Gate Setup Assistant (no experience necessary - training given)Volunteer
Parent HelpJohn Horton
Parent HelpSamardali family
Equipment Pack Away - 10.30am at Announcer
Parent HelpAnne Feist
Parent HelpMarc Holyoake
Parent Helpjoana guyonnet
Parent HelpNicole Simons
Parent HelpMatt Gallen
Parent HelpVolunteer
Track Starting
Short Track StarterScott James
Short Track Assistant StarterGilbert Wekina
Long Track StarterVolunteer
Long Track Assistant StarterVolunteer
Track Timekeeping
Short Track Recorder - 7.20am StartMelanie Davies
Short Track Assistant Recorder - 7.20am StartGeorge Siemens
Long Track Recorder - 7.20am StartGagan Sandhu
Long Track Assistant Recorder - 7.20am StartKate Fernandez
First Aid OfficerVolunteer
Data Entry Recorder
Field Data Entry (Equipment Shed)Jacquie Davidson
Field Data Entry (Equipment Shed)Michelle Robeson
14+ Boys
Parent HelpAstrid Stewart
Parent HelpJonita Hagos
Parent HelpAdam Levett
14+ Girls
CoordinatorPhilippe Bossert
Parent HelpBarr Family
Parent HelpJulie fisher
Parent HelpDawn Fogg
13 Boys
CoordinatorRobert Kay
Parent HelpMarie MacCormick (Owen and Liam Breakingbury)
Parent HelpJo Boonzaaier
Parent HelpLisa Fuentes
13 Girls
CoordinatorNev Jameson
Parent HelpPaul Barbic
Parent HelpClassic Barbic
Parent HelpVolunteer
12 Boys
Parent HelpLauren Key
Parent Helpkelly macfarlane
Parent HelpVolunteer
12 Girls
Coordinatorlisa stickels
Parent HelpKristy Barnard
Parent HelpJabbal Family
Parent HelpTheresa McDonnell
11 Boys
Parent HelpKirsta Docherty
Parent HelpJodie Turner
Parent HelpAaron Marshall
11 Girls
CoordinatorTim Drinkwater
Parent HelpAndrew Davey
Parent HelpStephen Ohare
Parent HelpGalos Family
10 Boys
CoordinatorDale Banks
Parent HelpMeegan Muir
Parent HelpAspill Family
Parent HelpGailene
10 Girls
CoordinatorRia Merito
Parent HelpGlenn Jolley
Parent HelpRenee Day
Parent HelpBrett O'Connor
9 Boys
Parent HelpKevin Van der kwast
Parent HelpDavid Bowie
Parent HelpCox family
9 Girls
CoordinatorJay Medwin
Parent HelpCorinna Thursby
Parent HelpAnne Feist
Parent HelpVolunteer
8 Boys
CoordinatorGreg Bryant
Parent HelpScott jolley
Parent HelpAbby Kay
Parent HelpStorm Allen
8 Girls
CoordinatorMitch White
Parent HelpNaomi Hood-Penn
Parent HelpVolunteer
Parent HelpBrendan or Claudia Morisset
7 Boys
Parent HelpChristou Family
Parent HelpCindy Delport
Parent HelpCasey
7 Girls
Parent HelpDarren Oliver
Parent HelpJustin Horton
Parent HelpVolunteer
6 Boys & Girls
CoordinatorFiona Herrmann
Parent HelpMathew Bouse
Parent HelpLeah Westaway
Parent HelpVolunteer
Parent HelpVolunteer